At Melvich Primary School and Nursery we recognise that a child’s years at school are among the most important of her or his life. At Melvich School, we provide education of the highest quality, inspiring children to reach their full potential.
The whole school experience, both in and out of the classroom, helps shape a child’s future. We celebrate diversity of talent, background, ability and ambition. We promote and maintain a positive ethos at this school in which we are confident that your child will be happy, safe and stimulated.
We endeavour to establish a meaningful partnership with parents and pupils based on an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Home, school and community are powerful influences on your child and by working together we can ensure that he or she is given a well-balanced, varied and sound education. Parents are invited to play an active role in their child’s education and in the life of the school.
The school is active in raising standards across the curriculum and uses a broad range of strategies and resources to ensure continued success. We expect pupils to work hard, to respect each other, the staff and the school environment.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the information is kept up to date, changes sometimes happen quickly and may take a little time to be updated.

Yours sincerely,
Katherine Wood
Head Teacher

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